A Look At The Last Twelve Months

Date: December 29 2016    By: Ashburnham Place     Category: Grounds and Gardens

Writing this blog at the end of the year gives me a chance to reflect on the last twelve months working in the gardens here at Ashburnham Place. This has been my second full year back on the staff here and I feel I have really settled into the job now, I think I understand what’s expected of me (!) and I am beginning to develop the Ornamental Gardens in ways that, I hope, respect the history of our wonderful site but also add a gentle contemporary feel to the gardens. I’ve begun to plant up the area at the back of one of the main West Garden beds where a large Holm Oak was felled a couple of years ago, opening up the space there. I’ve introduced some prairie style planting, including Echinacea and Verbena bonariensis along with other plants including Geranium and Nepeta. The plants have all settled in well and I’m looking forward to adding to it in the Spring and developing it further.  

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Autumn Colour In The Gardens

Date: October 06 2016   By: Ashburnham Place     Category: Grounds and Gardens

Busy times in the Gardens

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The Rich Wildlife at Ashburnham Place

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