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220+ acres of ancient woodland, ornamental gardens, rare wildlife, wildflowers and birds.

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Here Jay gives us a run down of the grounds and gardens.

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We partner with Natural England and A-Rocha (UK) to better understand how we can care for our site. Natural England is supporting us through a 10 year stewardship scheme covering much of the land within our care.

What can you see in the grounds and gardens?

Over 200 acres of ancient woodland, wildlife and lakes to discover.

Becoming sustainable

Taking action to support positive change for people and the place

Ashburnham Woodland

The way we grow

Healthy soil produces the perfect environment in which to grow food. Our produce is grown on site using zero dig methods; letting healthy soil do what it does best.

We currently compost all of our paper, cardboard as well as cooked and raw food waste, reducing our demand on landfill.

We love working with nature; it breaks down our rubbish produces compost for the land, which in turn rewards us with great food to eat.

Our food forest

We want to work with nature in the creation of a food forest. Food forests aim to replicate the natural biodiversity found in woodland and produce a source of wonderful natural food.

Trees are stronger together and less prone to disease when they’re good mix of different varieties; diversity is the key!

We plant trees that complement each other, planting some trees that grow tall, others smaller and then bushes and shrub layers, all having different roles, but together produce a stronger healthier community. Just like a woodland, but designed to grow food!

What else have we been up to?

We have some way to go but to be more sustainable. Find out more about our projects below.

A few years ago we sunk a borehole which provides us with almost all of the water we use on site.

Our electricity is currently from a green energy suppler, but we’ve got plans to generate our own and install some clever kit to help manage our consumption more efficiently.

We’ve got some way to go, but one of the major projects we undertook was the installation of our biomass boiler, to provide us with the majority of our heating and hot water. We use locally grown chestnut as fuel on a rotational coppice system, meaning it is both carbon neutral and a sustainable source of fuel for the future.

The way we live

We’ve been building sustainable homes for thousands of years, our ancestors knew how important it was to work with nature. We’re on a journey to discover what’s possible.

Our straw bale house is one small step, using straw, clay, lime and cedar for the roof. It’s been a collaborative project, drawing in a wide group of experts and enthusiasts to discover what is possible.

Local sheep have even contributed wool fleece to insulate the roof!

Enjoy the lake walks

Lake walks

We have one lake walk open to all visitors that have enjoyed refreshments from the Orangery Tea Room.

Broad Water walk is an accessible stroll with a very gentle incline, approx 2km in length with views around the lake.

Jay Walks At Ashburnham
Walks At Ashburnham

Walks for residential guests

We have walks open to residential guests, these are varied walks between 2km and 4km.  We encourage guests to get out into the grounds, explore the paths that criss-cross the site and discover the wonder of creation.

Care and Recovery project

People and produce flourish in an atmosphere of love.

Aerial Of Walled Garden

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