Improving Tent Hill Bathrooms

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By Ashburnham Place
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Deborah Volunteer

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This project is a large-scale renovation initiative divided into six phases. The first phase was completed at the end of July, and the second phase is underway, with completion expected by the end of November.

The refurbishment involves updating and modernising the toilet and shower facilities, likely to enhance comfort and functionality and possibly meet new environmental or accessibility standards. The project’s phased approach suggests careful planning to minimise disruption. Completing the remaining phases in the next financial year indicates a commitment to significantly improving the facilities.

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The extensive refurbishment of the shower and toilet facilities at Tent Hill is a significant undertaking, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing the comfort and functionality of these essential amenities. Your involvement and support can play a crucial role in the success of this project.

Whether volunteering your time, providing expertise, or making a financial contribution, every bit of assistance helps bring this vision to life. If you feel inspired to contribute to the ongoing improvements at Ashburnham Place, including this vital refurbishment project, please visit our giving page.

Your generosity and support are not just appreciated; they are integral to our continued growth and development.


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