Self Heal

Discover Self Heal, a versatile and beneficial medicinal plant.

Self Heal, known for its striking purple flowers, is a medicinal plant visible in June. It’s renowned for its healing properties and is easily identifiable in the wild. This plant, apart from its medicinal uses, is also edible, offering unique health benefits when consumed in various forms.

⚠️ Warning:
Foraging for mushrooms and wild plants can be dangerous. Misidentification may lead to serious health risks. We advise against consuming any foraged items without expert guidance. Our content is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk, and always prioritise safety.

Where to find it

Self Heal commonly grows in wild, grassy areas and is often found near buildings or in gardens. Its distinctive purple flowers make it easy to spot during its flowering season in June.

Self Heal and its uses

Self Heal can be used topically for cuts and wounds by crushing its leaves and applying them to the affected area. Additionally, it can be dried and used to make tea or included in salads for consumption, offering internal health benefits.

Significance and its benefits

This plant is significant for its dual role as both a healing agent and an immune system modulator. It can calm an overactive immune system and boost it when necessary, making it a valuable natural remedy for various health conditions.

Item Benefits:
Self Heal offers numerous benefits, including its ability to stop bleeding, prevent infections, and aid in wound healing. When ingested, it supports the immune system by boosting it or regulating overactivity, such as in allergies. Its accessibility and ease of use make it a practical and beneficial addition to natural health practices.

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