Discover Horsetail, a prehistoric plant with contemporary benefits.

Horsetail, a plant contemporary with dinosaurs, predates flowering plants. Its appearance resembles a horse’s tail, hence the name. This ancient species has survived millions of years, offering a glimpse into prehistoric flora. Its unique characteristics make it more than just a botanical curiosity.

⚠️ Warning:
Foraging for mushrooms and wild plants can be dangerous. Misidentification may lead to serious health risks. We advise against consuming any foraged items without expert guidance. Our content is for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk, and always prioritise safety.

Where to find it

Horsetail commonly grows in wet, sandy, or gravelly environments. It’s often found near streams, rivers, and in moist woodlands. This hardy plant thrives in various temperate regions, making it accessible for foraging or cultivation in suitable gardens.

Horsetail and its uses

Primarily, Horsetail is used to brew a pleasant tea. Dried or fresh, it makes a unique beverage. Due to its high silica content, Horsetail serves as a natural abrasive. It can be used as a makeshift pan scourer while camping, offering a natural alternative to conventional scouring pads.

Significance and its benefits

Horsetail’s longevity signifies its resilience and adaptability. It provides a living link to the Earth’s distant past, predating many modern plant species. Its continued existence and utility highlight nature’s enduring relevance in our daily lives, even in an age dominated by technological advancements.

Item Benefits:
Drinking Horsetail tea can benefit skin and hair health thanks to its nutritional properties. The presence of silica in the plant also makes it a practical, eco-friendly tool for cleaning cookware in natural settings. Its dual role as a health aid and a natural cleaning tool underscores its versatility and enduring value.

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