Residential Volunteers
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Throughout the year we welcome young people between the ages of 18 – 27 people from around the world to come and join the community serving here at Ashburnham Place.  Volunteers will live, work, learn and grow together.  Volunteers are invited to join us for anytime between three months and one year.  We accept those who are seeking to follow Jesus, to serve others and to work alongside those of other cultural backgrounds.  Residential volunteers receive free food and accommodation for the duration of their stay and a small amount of pocket money each week.   They will be expected to serve alongside one of our work teams, be a part of the communal rhythm of prayer, service and worship, attend weekly discipleship training and to have plenty of fun!

Residential volunteers may undertake a broad range of general activities within Ashburnham Place and they may change teams after their first 3 months.

More specfic roles are also available for trained people of any age please follow Other Roles icon link to find out more

  • General Repairs
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Solving problems
Grounds and Gardens
Grounds and Gardens
  • General gardening
  • Horticultural skills
  • Farm machinery
  • General room service
  • Preparing accommodation
  • Develop character
Welcome and Reception
Welcome and Reception
  • General administration
  • The Guest Welcome
  • Computer and IT skills
  • General catering
  • Food service
  • Health & Hygiene 
  • Chef, Wash up, Pastries
Other Roles Available
Other Roles Available
  • Specific skills
  • Fixed one year role
  • Any age
  • Apply Now
Apply Now
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