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In response to the coronavirus, WTC Hub nights, teaching, meetings, and communications events have all moved online. As well as this we have made the decision to host our September 2020 residential online as well.

While we understand that this means students will have to be physically distanced from one another, we’re doing all we can to retain our sense of community and closeness through other means. Thankfully, we are well placed to do this with our already established systems of relating on hangouts and videoconferences.

WTC will continue to function fully, albeit online, in terms of all the delivery of our teaching. This means that we will continue to provide all our courses online for as long as is needed and have already made contingency plans for the next academic year should this go on longer than we hope.

We are fully confident that learning with WTC will continue to be a relational, rich, and rewarding experience and are welcoming applications for the next academic year.

Please get in touch with the Hub Director or Contact Us if you have any questions.

Ashburnham Place is delighted to be working in partnership with Westminster Theological Centre (WTC) to deliver world-class, university accredited, theological education in the heart of East Sussex.

At WTC we reimagine learning in community, seeing lives transformed through life-giving theology in the presence and power of the Spirit and partnering with the church to equip and send the whole people of God.

Studying at WTC

WTC offers validated degrees in ‘Kingdom Theology’ because at the heart of our study is the belief that Jesus came proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God.

All courses are part-time to fit around busy lifestyles and work, and are validated by the University of Chester. They are delivered in partnership with local churches and Ashburnham Place.

The East Sussex Hub meets on Tuesday evenings at Ashburnham Place between 6 and 10 pm. Each Hub session starts with worship before splitting into study groups for lectures, live faculty tutorials and local extra-curricular input. Find out more at: East Sussex Hub

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Courses for different levels of study

WTC  offers a variety of courses, with two new Graduate Diploma courses (in Student Ministry and Church Planting & Leadership) starting in September 2019. Selecting the right course for you will depend on your prior qualifications and your goals, defining your personal admissions experience.  

For more information or contact Judith Ellis, the East Sussex Hub Director, at eastsussex@wtctheology.org.uk or visit the WTC website.

Certificate in Higher Education in Kingdom Theology
Certificate in Higher Education in Kingdom Theology
  • 2yr part-time course.
  • Foundations of the Christian faith.
  • The big questions of life.
BA in Kingdom Theology:
BA in Kingdom Theology:
  • Part-time BA course.
  • Comprehensive study programme.
  • Deepen theological understanding.
Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology:
Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology:
  • Two year course
  • Study Theology
MA Degree
MA Degree
  • For those with a degree in theology wanting to progress to an MA.
University & Community Life Study
University & Community Life Study
  • 18 - 27yr olds
  • 2 courses
  • 37hrs week
  • Meals & accommodation
Contact WTC
Contact WTC
  • Suite 5 Winchcombe House
    5-39 Winchcombe St, GL52 2LZ
  • Tel: 030 0040 6200
Visit the Orangery Tea Room
Visit the Orangery Tea Room
<p>The Orangery Tea Room is open for Cream Teas and delicious cakes</p>

The Orangery Tea Room is open for Cream Teas and delicious cakes

<p>Stay at Ashburnham Place in our en-suite accommodation</p>

Stay at Ashburnham Place in our en-suite accommodation

<p>Experience and discover Ashburnham Place. Watch the videos.</p>

Experience and discover Ashburnham Place. Watch the videos.

<p>A look at the history of Ashburnham Place</p>

A look at the history of Ashburnham Place

What people say
What people say

Our church weekend was the best we have had for years. The location, the facilities and the staff were outstanding. We can't wait to come back next year.