University & Community Programme

Come and join an exciting venture between Ashburnham Place and the Westminster Theological Centre (WTC).  In September 2016 we launched a unique opportunity to study theology at the highest academic levels while living and serving as part of the international community at Ashburnham Place. Our current students are loving learning and seeing their lives transformed through the courses we have on offer.

Two available study pathways

There are 3 positions for EU citizens for a 2 year volunteer placement starting in September 2017. These limited places are for men or women aged 18-27 wishing to be trained in practical skills as well as university study for a Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology with Westminster Theological Centre (WTC).

You will enrol as a part time student studying for a nationally recognised Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Kingdom Theology with Westminster Theological Centre (WTC) at our East Sussex Hub. 

Cert HE

The first is the Cert HE which is a two year part-time course that is open to everyone (see WTC’s website for more details about entry requirements). It offers an excellent opportunity to explore the foundations of the Christian faith and to begin wrestling with some of the big questions of life. The CertHE is ideal for those who want to go deeper in their faith and for those who want to be equipped for transformational service and leadership.

Graduate Diploma

The second course is the Graduate Diploma which is also a two year part-time course and offers a study of the major theological disciplines, including Biblical studies, Church history, spirituality, Christian beliefs, and leadership & ministry. The Graduate Diploma is designed to equip graduates (in subjects other than theology) for servant leadership and mission, and also acts as an entry qualification for the MA in Kingdom Theology.

A Part Of Community Life

As part of the Ashburnham Place community you will join a work team for 27 hours a week. All your food and accommodation will be covered, you will have access to our theological library, 24 hour prayer centre and 220 acres of beautiful grounds for inspiration. 

The combination of practical service, living as part of a community and theological learning will, we believe, be a significant part of equipping you to be a catalyst for God's Kingdom in every area of society. WTC courses will be delivered in partnership with ACT. This means that the programme being offered by ACT provides an exciting opportunity to grow in discipleship and mission as you volunteer with ACT, whilst also studying for certificate or degree in theology.

Ashburnham Theological Library

How to Apply

To apply you will need to complete:

1. The application form for Westminister Theological Centre. Click here

2. The Ashburnham Place community application form. Click here

  • 27 hours of your week will be serving in either gardening, catering, house-keeping or maintenance
  • 10 hours of your week you will join the others studying with Westminster Theological Centre (WTC)  Kingdom Theology courses at Ashburnham Place. The university study is subject to the WTC application process.
  • Free shared accommodation at Ashburnham Place, food and £20 a week pocket money
  • Cost will be £3,000 per year.

For further information on this programme please do not hesitate to contact us
For more information on Ashburnham Place and our vision please follow this link.
For more information about WTC and their vision please follow this link.