Ashburnham Theological Library

For over 50 years Ashburnham Place has been a place of learning and equipping.  Today we seek to continue that through hosting of individuals coming to study and write as well as hosting learning circles to encourage mutual sharpening and encouragement.  In many cases we are able to offer reduced cost stays for those studying and writing who are willing to share their learning with others.  We aim to share some of this learning more widely through podcasts, papers and video casts.

A new place for study

Library & Learning

If you feel in need of a quiet, beautiful and set apart context to study or write please do get in touch  Please also let us know if you’d like to be part of a learning circle or indeed would like to host one.

Westminster Theological Centre

ACT is delighted to be working in partnership with Westminster Theological Centre (WTC) to deliver world class, university accredited, theological education in the heart of East Sussex. At Westminster Theological Centre we combine the best of academic teaching with the vibrant life of the Holy Spirit.

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Contact Westminster Theological Centre

For more information on any of WTC's courses, or information on local WTC events, contact Catherine Delve at or visit the WTC Website