An exciting residential opportunity based within the walled Kitchen Garden in a 220-acre faith-based community at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex.

We operate a minimum tillage garden with a focus on soil biology influenced by Foundations for Farming, Charles Dowding, Richard Perkins and Elaine Ingham. You will learn how to sow, plant, tend, weed, grow and harvest naturally whilst deepening your understanding of the soil matrix and the critical role carbon plays.

We utilise inside and outside growing spaces, natural heat from hotbeds, orchards and laying hens within our rotations. Produce is grown for our ‘veg box’ scheme, onsite local Farmer’s Market and conference centre.

You will be involved with rearing, movement, care and husbandry of chickens and the importance of animals in soil regeneration.
We are partners with A Rocha and have additional projects on site including permaculture. We are looking for hard-working individuals who are willing to serve, eager to learn, dependable and keen to take on new challenges who will reap the rewards of being part of our Kitchen Garden family; a widely experienced small dynamic team, within a larger residential community.

Reasonable physical health is required as many tasks in the garden is physically demanding.

* Minimum age 18
* Internship starts from October 2021 – minimum 3-month commitment required
* Training and tasks undertaken 5 days per week
* Room and all meals provided