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Stress Management & Work Life Balance

Categories: Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit, Identity & Wholeness, Mentoring & Discipleship

Dates: Wed, 11th July - Thu, 12th July

Price: £199

Stress Management, Building Resilience + Work Life Balance: Performance under Pressure

In the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey addressed the question of how effective people stay effective in high stress situations.”. His 7th habit was that of continuous personal development. Simply taking part in a course like this one is the first step towards a balanced, sustainable and rewarding and abundant life.

Achieving peak Performance under Pressure requires us, not just to survive, but to thrive in an environment of pressing deadlines, target achievements, physical, mental, financial and relational demands. Some people are better at managing this than others, but the good news is that everybody can improve. It’s all a matter of training our heads to work with our hearts.

There is wisdom in the old proverbs and principles that modern science is just beginning to understand, forgiveness, thankfulness, love, friendship and above all a sense of purpose. We need to value ourselves as we add our value to the demands around us.

Participants on the Performance under Pressure programme will be taught:

  • How to apply the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and increase their personal effectiveness and manage external stressors.
  • How to identify the physical signs of inner coherence and distress (see:
  • How to apply Emotional Intelligence to neutralise dis-stressors and lead ourselves emotionally.
  • How to achieve the “abundance mentality” in the Workplace
  • Professional communication tools to reduce inter-personal dis-stress: Appreciative Inquiry, Transactional Analysis, NLP and more.
  • How to create a Personal Action Plan and improve your Lifestyle Inventory.
  • How to sharpen and quantify your Life Purpose and reprioritise time and energy onto these things.
  • How to honestly assess personal behavioural and communication styles.
  • How to build habits and a habitat that produce constant self-renewal.

Successful completion of each course, earns the participant a certificate for 8 accredited hours.

Price £199 ACT357

About the Partnership

Ashburnham is really pleased to be able to offer fully CPD accredited training with a biblically rooted basis and faith actionable development opportunities. Initially we are offering two separate courses each run over a 24-hour period, allowing space for 8 hours of accredited training interwoven with personal reflection, developmental goal setting, ministry and biblical teaching. All this being offered at a price that is lower than most CPD training hours, in partnership with a facilitator, MTC (see below) that is an industry leader in Team and Leadership development, Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management.

Going forward we hope to develop a full range of CPD accredited retreat days, but we need your help to help us find our rhythm. So please take the time to find out about these pilot courses and if they are not applicable to you, please think about others you could pass the information onto.


Who is it for:

Our two pilot courses should be of interest to:

Employees of companies that pay for professional development courses chosen by their employees. This is relevant to most employees of public bodies and many of employees of medium to large enterprises. The links below will take you to the CPD relevant course descriptions relevant to our pilot courses. This information can be forwarded to the relevant line management or HR personnel.
Christian owned companies, organisations and churches that provide professional development for their employees. Participants need only be sympathetic to the Christian faith, the CPD elements are secularly certified and can be presented to any future employer.
Individuals who have responsibility for their own professional development.

If you fall into one of these categories please think about booking a place on one of our July courses, and if you can’t do that, please let us know about your most pressing professional development needs interest, it could help us develop future offerings.

What is Continuous Professional Development:

Continuious Professional Development(CPD) refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work. The CPD Standards Office accredits facilitators to issue certificates for successful participation in assessed courses covering pre-agreed content. These certificates are internationally recognised and become a part of an individual’s Professional Development record.


About MTC Europe

Mobile Team Challenge (MTC) Europe is a world leader in the provision of transformational programmes and events, development products and resources that bring about behavioural and attitudinal change in individuals, teams and organisations.

MTC is a specialist in the use of facilitated activity-based learning, which means using games, tasks and challenges to teach, not just presentations and notes. This not only makes learning fun, it is proven to make it more impactful and memorable too as all learning styles are addressed together.

MTC clients include:

Corporate: NASA; the BBC; FedEx; Vodaphone; Siemens; Honda; Jaguar Land Rover.
Services: the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Army, Surrey Police.
Education: A dozen+ Universities and Colleges; 100+ Schools, Youth and Community organisations.
Trade Unions: the TUC; Unite the Union,
Public Sector: 26 NHS Foundation Trusts, over 200 Local Authorities; and over 50 HM Prisons and Rehabilitation Centres

MTC Europe is Christian owned and lead. These pilot courses at Ashburnham will be facilitated by Christen Forster and Lee Leyton-Matthews.



Lee Leyton-Matthews:

Lee comes from a specialised armed services background, but we’re not supposed to talk about it! After completing military service Lee worked in South Africa with various NGO’s and churches. He has worked in Zambia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. training leaders, developing entrepreneurial skills, teaching self-development and implementing sustainable community projects.

Lee is MTC’s Director of Learning and Development. He is a qualified youth worker and has a diploma in theology

Christen Forster:

Christen Is a regular contributor to Ashburnham life as a facilitator and teacher. He has lead in business, Church and International missions for over 30 years. As a character coach, he has worked with award winning volunteer teams and individuals.

Christen is a Learning and Development Specialist with MTC and heads up their Higher Education Programme. He is the author of several books.

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