Our Response to the Corona virus

Coronavirus Statement

We are aware of the ongoing and developing situation surrounding the Coronavirus. As you would expect we are working daily to plan for various eventualities. We have implemented rigorous policies and procedures which, as far as possible, will ensure the health and wellbeing of all our guests and staff. While we are an international team we have not had a volunteer changeover since January and have zero reported cases of the virus here at Ashburnham Place. We are operating activity as usual and are ready to welcome you, in fact, what better time to get away from it all to refresh at Ashburnham Place.

Current Bookings

If you have an existing booking with us and are exploring the best course of action here the options we can offer:


As you can imagine being in the Hospitality sector our income has been severely affected. We are still open for individual bookings as we feel the measures we have put in place are in line with government recommendations.

However, if you have an existing group booking with us between now and 17th April 2020 your booking will sadly have to be cancelled and while we are not in a position at this time to be able to make any refunds we will work with you to find an alternative date for your stay. If your booking is after 17th April but before 31st May 2020 you have the following options

Option 1 - Come as planned

We can reassure you that we have:
* Installed anti-bacterial door push plates
* Increased our daily cleaning schedules
* Installed hand sanitising units and papers towel dispensers * A new hygiene policy has been initiated for all team
* Introduced a restrictive travel policy for all team
* Holding regular team briefings for all ACT team
* Arranged isolation facilities on-site

Option 2

Postpone your event to a later date. If you feel you cannot attend we will, if possible, rearrange your booking to an alternative date before March 31st 2021, subject to availability.

Option 3

Cancel your visit and not come. Sadly, due to the potential impact of many guests cancelling we are not in a position to alter our normal terms and conditions and therefore would not be able to return deposits at this late stage.

If you would like to discuss any of the options please feel free to contact our Bookings Team.

If your booking is after 31st May 2020 our existing terms and conditions will apply. We are hoping that by this time the worst of the virus will have passed and guests can come and enjoy their time at Ashburnham Place.

Individual Bookings
Individual Bookings
  • Please feel free to book online or call our bookings team on 01424 894201
Group Bookings
Group Bookings
  • Please feel free to call the group bookings team on 01424 894238/ 01424 894207 to discuss current availability.