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Groups COVID19 Booking Information

Group Bookings

The re-opening of accommodation is in step 3 of the Governments exit strategy from lockdown. The earliest date we will be able to accept guests is from 17th May 2021.

When we re-open we can reassure you that we have:

* We have reduced our site capacity (including bedrooms, meeting rooms and dining rooms) to make social distancing easier and the site safer
* Increased our daily cleaning schedules
* Installed hand sanitising units at entrances and dining rooms, and installed papers towel dispensers in public toilets
* Introduced a restrictive travel policy for all of our team
* Holding regular team briefings for all of our team
* Installed anti-bacterial door push plates

If your group numbers may reduce as a result of proceeding with your event as planned, we want to help you with this and we can discuss options available to you.

From no earlier than 17th May 2021 (until 20th June) large business meetings and residential educational activities can resume indoors in step 3. We can use meeting rooms up to 50% of their intended capacity. (50% capacity being 125 based on our pre-covid capacity). If we are not able to host your group during this period due to a restriction with our capacity we are happy to look at postponing your event to a later date when a higher capacity should be possible.

From no earlier than 21st June 2021 large business meetings and residential educational activities can resume indoors in step 4 with social distancing lifted. We have made some changes to our total capacity compared to pre-covid times to allow us to be more responsive in the future if any further restrictions are reintroduced at any point.

Whilst social distancing may have been lifted at the time of your visit if after the 21st June, other Covid restrictions may still be in place and these are still subject to Government review. We would recommend the following steps to be in place and that group organisers complete their own risk assessment to ensure that all group activities are able to be conducted in a Covid secure manner that is appropriate to the time of your visit:

Use suggested one way system to enter and exit meeting room where option is available.
Maintain social distancing in place at time of visit as per Government guidelines.
Coffee Breaks will be served in meeting rooms using paper cups. A designated person in group should serve to others.
All those attending to use the same chair during their stay / visit.
Movement during session to be avoided
Once seated face masks can be removed during the session or once seated during meal or refreshment breaks but consideration needed if group includes people in a higher risk category (older guests or those with increased medical needs).
The nursery and games room are not currently open as safety with shared use of equipment cannot be guaranteed.
We will use dining rooms with regards to groups to correspond with the meeting room maximum capacities.

Please note the above precautions and measures are a summary and an indicative guidance only. Measures are likely to be altered as the advice and perceived best practices are changed. It is a developing situation.

If your booking is after 21st June 2021 our existing terms and conditions will apply. We are hoping that by this time the worst of the virus will have passed, and there will be sufficient precautionary measures in place so that guests can come and enjoy their time at Ashburnham Place.

If you would like to discuss any of the options please feel free to contact our Group Bookings Team on  01424 894207 / 894238.

Visit the Orangery Tea Room
Visit the Orangery Tea Room
<p>The Orangery Tea Room is open for Cream Teas and delicious cakes</p>

The Orangery Tea Room is open for Cream Teas and delicious cakes

<p>Stay at Ashburnham Place in our en-suite accommodation</p>

Stay at Ashburnham Place in our en-suite accommodation

<p>Experience and discover Ashburnham Place. Watch the videos.</p>

Experience and discover Ashburnham Place. Watch the videos.

<p>A look at the history of Ashburnham Place</p>

A look at the history of Ashburnham Place

What people say
What people say

Our church weekend was the best we have had for years. The location, the facilities and the staff were outstanding. We can't wait to come back next year.