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NATURE WALK 2 - Saturday 26th September 2020

Categories: Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

Dates: Sat, 26th September - Sat, 26th September

Price: £30 per person – incl. lunch / MULTI-SAVE: BOOKINGS OF 3 OR MORE SAVE £5 PER TICKET**


With Jay Ashworth and Mike Scarlett

Walks to start at 10.00 am followed by lunch in the House at 1 pm.

Meet at the main entrance by Reception.

Saturday 26th September

(Saturday 3rd October - Reserve date in case of very bad weather)*

Join staff member Jay Ashworth and local volunteer Mike Scarlett as they lead a nature walk around the beautiful grounds here at Ashburnham Place. Find out how the history of the grounds has influenced the wildlife we now encounter. Come and find out what birds we can hear and see, look out for wildlife in the woods and find out about the majestic trees that make up our historic woodland. The walk will finish with lunch in the house and a chance to discuss what we have seen during the morning. Please bring binoculars if you have them and wear sturdy shoes or boots.

*Please note: In the event of a bad weather forecast, forcing a postponement, the following Saturday 3rd October 2020 is our reserve date - Please be sure to book this in your diary too and to give us your email address and/or telephone number when booking, so we can get in touch if we need to.

£30 per person – including breakfast (ACT617)


**Tickets must be purchased at the same time

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