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Creative Arts Week 2019

Categories: Creative, Space to Pray, Rest & Relax

Dates: Mon, 7th October - Fri, 11th October

Price: £288 Standard room / £338 En-Suite room (ACT389) - WHOLE EVENT non-residential DAY Pass £188 (ACT390)

Creative Arts Week Art, Poetry, Creative Writing, Craft and Photography

Monday 7th October 4.30pm – Friday 11th October 9.30am

Why not join us for a week of creativity, developing a skill, or just coming to try something new. We will provide the materials you need to create. Meals, refreshments are included, and accommodation if booking for a residential stay.

You may be thinking…‘creativity, you either have it or you don’t’. We can assume creative ability is determined by genes inherited from parents, or by learning techniques and skills, or by being right or left-brained. However, whilst these can add seasoning to the creative, they are not the only key to releasing our ability to be creative. Creativity is part of our DNA, which runs deep through our veins. We are all born with a divinely inspired drive to create, and have the potential to be creative, whether we are aware of it or not!

The challenge for this week is to "lay down any pre-conceived ideas and expectations, and just ‘go for it!" There will be no ‘creative rule book’ to follow, and no one to criticise or judge your creations. Just spaces to be creative, with facilitators to guide you if required. Why not join our facilitators to unleash the creativity within you.

All tickets include event meals and refreshments for the stated period. Our rooms include bed linen, towels and tea/coffee making facilities, and our en-suite rooms have hair dryers.

Residential Packages

£288  Standard room / £338  En-Suite room (ACT389)


Day Passes

WHOLE EVENT non-residential  DAY Pass £188 (ACT390)

£57 Tuesday DAY Pass (non-residential) (ACT439)

£57 Wednesday DAY Pass (non-residential) (ACT440)

£57 Thursday DAY Pass (non-residential) (ACT441)

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