A Leap Of Faith

Date: April 06 2015    By: Ashburnham Place     Category: Ashburnham People, Spirituality

<p>Recently here at Ashburnham Place in our weekly celebration service, one of our General Directors, Paul, spoke about leaps of faith. He talked at great length about Matthew 14, a verse well known to most of us as an important demonstration of how our lives as Christians will often play out. God calls us to constantly be walking in faith, but from time to time those walks need to become sprints, and sometimes even leaps. To be brave and daring is not easy, especially for those of us who love the feeling of the comfort zone. For me this sermon was a challenge on my own dependency on sticking to the familiar, but in many ways it made me reflect on my initial arrival here at Ashburnham.</p>

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The Importance of Being Still

Date: November 26 2014   By: Ashburnham Place     Category: Spirituality