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Faith in Healthcare

Categories: Kingdom of God in Society

Dates: Thu, 7th June - Thu, 7th June

Price: Free, or £10 inc. dinner

Faith in Healthcare

How can the church help equip and support those in healthcare ( rather than sap their energy)? with Bishop Richard Jackson, Bishop of Lewes.

There have been high profile cases in recent years of doctors and nurses being dismissed, suspended or reprimanded for offering prayer to patients.

 •What are our professional requirements and how can we offer prayer to those we treat?
• What is the evidence that prayer makes a difference?
• How can we ourselves be supported in prayer and offer such support to colleagues?

6.30pm An optional shared meal. £10
7.15pm Registration
7.30pm Prayer and worship
7.45pm Participants share briefly their experiences
8.00pm Keynote Presentation
8.25pm Small group discussion. Prayer
8.50pm Feedback and plenary
9.15pm Closing prayers and finish

Programme of Events:

Church leaders can sometimes find themselves ill-equipped to help those in their congregations in some aspects of this vital part of their lives. These meetings offer a chance for those charged with pastoral care to better understand the problems of people working “out there”. Others in our fellowships who want to pray for and support those in work will also find them of value, thus these meetings whilst concentrating on the needs of specific groups are open to all. 

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Orangery Tea Room Now Open

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Up to 5000 People Exclusive Summer Camps at Ashburnham Place, Call now for more details

What people say
What people say

Our church weekend was the best we have had for years. The location, the facilities and the staff were outstanding. We can't wait to come back next year.