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Crossroads Retreat Led by Liz West

Categories: Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit, Identity & Wholeness, Listening to God, Relationships - Family, Marriage & Singleness

Dates: Wed, 28th February - Fri, 2nd March

Price: £119 standard room / £144 en-suite room (ACT230)

Crossroads Retreat at Ashburnham Place


Led by Liz West and a team of Crossroads guides

Wednesday 28th February 4:30pm – Friday 2nd March 4pm

Are you at a crossroads? Discover, over an unhurried yet purposeful 2 days, how you can make good choices at key decision points in your life. 

On a Crossroads Retreat you will be encouraged, through a guided process, to reflect on where you are, identify your own uniqueness, decide what you really want and create a plan to move forward – all in the secure and peaceful setting of Ashburnham Place.

The retreat includes sharing and group reflection, as well as quiet personal space. It's a chance to step out of everyday life to reflect, with others, on your goals and dreams, your values and your relationships.

Our desire is that you make good choices at your current crossroads and have more confidence in handling such situations in the future.

The benefits of attending a Crossroads retreat:

  • ‘time out’ to address personal issues in a safe environment
  • Space to reflect along with others who are also at a crossroads
  • Enables you to explore your story and discern your unique gifts
  • Trained guides to support you during your retreat
  • Equips you to move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Material to help with your ongoing journey once you are home

It is not a silent retreat, although the programme includes times of quiet and space for you to reflect on your own experience. At other times, we work as a whole group or in smaller groups.

For further information about the retreat content please visit or contact Crossroads Retreats direct  

£119 standard room / £144 en-suite room (ACT230) - WINTER OFFER NOW ON GET 20% OFF!

2 PEOPLE SHARING RECEIVE £16.50 OFF EACH (Tickets are purchased seperately)


Liz West directed Crossroads Retreats from 2006 till 2014. She has been involved in leadership development with young people and adults and in church planting. Currently she is an Enneagram trainer and guides Crossroads Retreats whenever she can.

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Orangery Tea Room Now Open

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What people say
What people say

Our church weekend was the best we have had for years. The location, the facilities and the staff were outstanding. We can't wait to come back next year.