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The Filling Station

Categories: Listening to God, Prayer, Worship

Dates: Mon, 14th October - Mon, 14th October

Price: FREE

The Filling Station - FREE EVENT  (donations on the night to help pay for the evening are gratefully received)

Monday October 14th 

Simon Guillabaud - ‘Total Surrender’ 

Simon Guillebaud has just finished twenty years of living (with a few breaks in between) and working in extreme circumstances in a central African (now post) warzone. Burundi is a country which has been torn by tribal war for decades. In 2003, he set up Great Lakes Outreach (, which works with local organizations for the transformation of the nation. He has experienced some extraordinary things, often nearly getting killed in ambushes, receiving death threats, exposing corruption, and seeing the Lord move in powerful ways. He has a fruitful preaching ministry, seeing many people come to faith on a regular basis. His style is authentic, inspiring and deeply challenging. The stories he shares are a mixture of desperately grim and miraculously stirring. Do not come if you aspire to a safe and conventional Christianity. Simon shares his and others' amazing stories, hoping to inspire people to be similarly radical and passionate in living out the adventure of living which Jesus calls each one of us to. He and his wife Lizzie were awarded MBEs last year for services to Burundi.

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