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Say Goodbye to Kiri

Date: April 13 2015    By: Ashburnham Place     Category: Ashburnham People


Saying goodbye to Kiri Did you know that we are always on the look-out for local people who might like to join our volunteer team in the grounds and gardens? One of our volunteers has just left us as she is moving away and she will be sorely missed. I asked Kiri some questions about her time volunteering at Ashburnham Place.

• How long have you been volunteering at Ashburnham Place and in what capacity? 

I started in late September and I've just finished, so roughly 5 months. I've been working 2 days a week, and occasionally 3 


• What have you enjoyed most? It's difficult to pick just one thing. I've always loved working outside and getting stuck in to physical tasks, but what really took me by surprise was the friendship and strong sense of community that I found there. I was made to feel valued and part of the team.


• Have you gained any new skills or grown in any way during your time volunteering here? I've learnt loads of new skills. There's often a lot of menial jobs to do like weeding and hoeing, but in addition to that kind of work I've learnt lots about planting and pruning. My plant knowledge has grown significantly. 


• What would you say to someone else thinking about offering their time as a grounds volunteer? I'd recommend it. If you have the time and enjoy getting your hands dirty, it's definitely worth getting involved.


Be prepared to find more than just a gardening job, I've left feeling loved, appreciated and part of a community. Do get in touch with Jay on grounds.team@ashburnham.org.uk if you would like to find out about volunteering. She will be very happy to chat with you.

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