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A volunteer’s Story - From boyhood to manhood.

Date: July 26 2015    By: Ashburnham Place     Category: Ashburnham People


My name is Davy-Nathan Burgstaller I was born in the south of France in 1995. When I was two and a half years old, my family moved to Austria. My dad being pastor of a local Lutheran church, and my mother raising her children at home. My parents did not appreciate the modern school system and decided to home school their six children. Consequently, my older sister became my teacher for a few years, then my mother, and then from 14 to 18 years old I taught myself. I graduated in a French private school in Vienna when I was 17 years of age.


Jesus has always been present in my daily life and I can ́t remember rebelling against that as a teenager. On the contrary; I made my personal decision to love and follow Jesus when I was 14, reading Luke 9, 23 I would call that the starting point of my personal relationship with Jesus, and since then I have been learning as I go.
In spring 2014 I applied to be a volunteer at Ashburnham Place and I became excited about the prospect of spending ten months in England, a country I have never been to, speaking a foreign language, meeting people from all over the world and living in a new community.


It was always my intention to go to university, but gradually God showed me that I still had plenty of time for that. I needed to learn and see many different things before starting my studies, particularly as I had been home schooled for 17 years.
And you know what? God was right! Over the last nine and a half months I have been able to broaden and develop my perspective on life which I could never have done at home. Spending time away from family and friends helps you to discover a lot about yourself. 


Living in the Ashburnham Community has made me aware of aspects of my personality and it has been challenging to learn how to deal with these. For example, before coming here, I was not aware that I was arrogant and self- sufficient. I am ashamed to say that previously, I would look down on people and condemned them as soon as they did not measure up to my expectations. Through various situations this attitude has been revealed to me in a very fatherly way; I had to learn that love comes first because unconditional love has been shown to me through Christ’s sacrifice.


I have been taught in an individual and unique way by my Heavenly Father and I can say that I am discovering my gifts and weaknesses. The most important process I am going through right now is the transition from boyhood to manhood. My biggest inspiration is from 1 Cor 13:11 ‘when I was a boy I spoke like a boy, I thought like a boy, but when I became a man I left the childish ways behind me.’

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